Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Incentive

Bobby wants a really nice sleeping bag. One that weighs less than a pound and can withstand extremely cold temperatures. Tonight we made a deal that if he could get Bekah potty trained in a week I would buy him that sleeping bag. It definitely will be worth the money!!

Good luck honey!!

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Gene and Annie said...

Grace was potty trained pretty easily but I waited until she was super ready!! I did not want to deal with messes so I didn't mind waiting! She was potty trained in a few days with only a few mistakes after that! She was a little over 2 1/2 years old. She even was potty trained at night that week too! (but like I said she was so fact I probably could have done it a couple of months a head of time but again I didn't want to deal with messes if she wasn't ready) If Bekah is ready..... you might be buying your hubby a sleeping bag because it can be done in a week!

We waited until after Dax was born too because my ped. doc said that Grace would probably regress if we did it before because of all the new change in her life with baby coming!

That was super sweet of your sister to come and help you get ready for baby! My sister would not have been that helpful in that area because she is super messy! (wink wink)