Thursday, March 22, 2007

Any Day Now

Originally, I thought this was pretty good timing, only 8 weeks of school after spring break. Now I'm wishing I was due in February, or due in late May. This week is killing me. I developed a bad cough a week ago, and the nasal part of it started on Sunday. Between coughing and getting up to go the bathroom, Ive had HORRIBLE sleep. And then, on top of that, the last two weeks have been so busy, with my concert, parent teacher conferences in the evening, and festival all day yesterday. I FEEL HORRIBLE!! I don't know how I made it through my last class today. My neck hurts, body aches, even my jaw hurts. My doctor gave me a prescription for a stronger cough medicine and told me to get Mucinex D for my nose. He wants me to feel better to be able to deliver this baby.
Now, enough of the whining, and on to the good news. I am still dilated 2 cm, but am now 80% effaced, and there is definitely no plug there. He said any day now. Yeah!!
I need to rest and figure out something to do with my kids tomorrow that doesn't involve me doing much, and then basically set them up to not have me starting next week.
We'll keep you updated!!

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Shoemaker Family said...

Are you still around or are you in the hospital??? Praying for you...