Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Home for 2 days

Wow, life with 2 kids. What can I say? And I have help.

Sarah has been sleeping a lot during the day, and when she gets over the fussy time, she'll sleep at night. Last night was extremely rough. From 11-2 she screamed!! She would not feed from me and would not not calm down. We were slightly frustrated.

Bobby took her and dealt with her in many ways until she finally stayed in her bed from 4 am- 7:30 am.

Today has been a good day. She has been sleeping, eating (from me successfully), staying awake a bit, and showing her smiling face. We had to take her to the doctor yesterday because of her jaundice, and they called today to tell us it was high and we need to go back and have her levels checked again tomorrow.

Anyways, I gotta go. Hope everyone is doing well. I will post more pictures as soon as possible.

Keep us in your prayers. In about a week I will be by myself with 2 children from 4-11 pm M-F and I am very nervous about it.


Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

She looks alot like Bekah!! Is it me or does she have chubby cheeks? So cute! Hopefully, she will start sleeping and eating more regularly for ya! Adjusting to life with two might take a few weeks but before you know it, it will seem normal again! It is just about getting to the "new normal"!
Going to two was harder then going to three for me! Adjusting to three has been quite easy compared to two! (for me at least) You will do great!! You have my prayers!!

Michelle McCallum said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am glad that things are going well. I have a lasagna that I made tonight and I would LOVE to bring it to you guys! (Actually I made two, one for our pastor's wife who also just had a baby and one for you!)

Give me a call to let me know when I can bring it over. It is in the freezer now. 858-9519. Talk to you soon!