Wednesday, March 21, 2007

37 weeks

The longest I have ever been pregnant!! I edited out my face today because I wasn't too happy when Bobby was taking the picture. I am also wearing tennis shoes for up until Festival so that my feet and ankles didn't swell TOO much.

Festival went well, not as well as I would have liked, but we survived, and they did a good job. I am very proud of them, and now the count down can continue.

7 school days until I am officially on maternity leave.
We are 4 days past the date in my pregnancy with Bekah that she was born.
I am so ready to be done!!
Tomorrow I find out if I've dilated any more.
I'll keep you updated!!


Michelle McCallum said...

You look great :) This is as far as I made it with David. I hope your little lady comes soon. Just seven more school days-- yeah!

Shoemaker Family said...

The headless shot is really cracking me up...please please post your head shot!!!! :)

Hope you're feeling well!