Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Concert Complete

1 down, a couple more things to get through before Sarah is allowed to come.

The concert went very well. I was very, very proud of them. It was very, very hot in the cafeteria. It doesn't help that it's 8:45 pm and still almost 70 degrees outside. My feet are very, very swollen.

I will be 36 weeks tomorrow. 4 days from the point at which my water broke with Bekah.

A week from tomorrow is my large group festival. Needless to say, I will not be riding the bus with the kids. Bobby will be driving me. At 37 weeks, we don't want to risk my water breaking on the way there.

Anyways, I have a very tired daughter on my hands, and an even more tired mom who needs to get her feet up and have some ice cream. I will post the 36 week pictures tomorrow.

Good night!!

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