Friday, September 29, 2006


12 weeks with baby #2; 20 weeks with Bekah
Anybody notice any similarities? I haven't gained a lot of weight. I started out about 5 pounds heavier than before I got pregnant with Bekah. I blame those 5 pounds on having my glabber out, not being able to move or exercise for several days, then sitting at a training from 9-3 for a week while being fed meat loaf sandwiches, mashed potates, fried chicken, pork chops, biscuits, etc every day!! Then I got pregnant!!

Happy Birthday Melissa!!

Today is my little sister's 24th B-Day!! Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!!

(The picture is from June 2004. Two weeks after my nephew Ethan was born and the day my brother-in-law graduated with a Math degree from OSU. It's the only picture I had of Mel on my computer already.)

Dinnertime, Movietime, Refrigeratortime, Balancetime

What balance!!

Bekah can now open the refrigerator. She decided to count/organize some condiments.

Watching A Bug's Life in Mom and Dad's bed.

Part II of dinner, a WHOLE yogurt.

Dinner Part I- Noodles, fish stick, broccoli.

Midwife Appointment

We had our appointment yesterday. It went really well. We got to HEAR the heartbeat. No ultrasound, not until 20 weeks, but it was really cool to hear. The nurse found it using the doppler right away. The first place she put, she found it. 161 BPM.
I really like my midwife, but there's a chance she might be on Spring Break when this baby comes, unless he/she comes early like his/her sister.
Next appointment October 26th.
Ultrasound the week of Thanksgiving. I want it to go fast. I want to know what this baby is. (girl or boy)

Bekah is Messy

Living Room AFTER Bekah has had a couple hours in it.

Our living room when it has been cleaned and Bekah hasn't touched it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

12 Weeks

12 weeks today. We go to see my midwife tomorrow for the first time. We (at least I am) are very excited.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Few Pics from the Busy Weekend

Mommy and Bekah "in" the cool bus.

Bekah and Mommy picking out a pumpkin.

Bekah riding a tractor.

Bobby and Bekah looking at a cow in the play area at the pumpkin farm.

Laying around outside. Bekah decided she needed to get on Daddy's back.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Boy I am Glad that I have a 3 day weekend, because this weekend is going to be BUSY!!!

Tomorrow is my fundraiser for my chorus. We are having a rummage sale and car wash (if it doesn't rain) to raise money to cover our "operating" costs.

Tomorrow night we are having dinner with our new friends Matt and Amy who are getting married New Year's Eve.

Sunday we have our Life Group get together after church, then we need to quickly get to a pumpkin festival to get Bekah a "pumkin." (before the festival ends at 6 pm)

After that, Bobby is going to a Hispanic church service called La Roca on Sunday night.

All we're doing is laying around on Monday!!!

Bekah wearing one of Mommy's old Honey Baked Ham hats.
Bekah, a couple days ago, climbing up the steps of her swing set.

Hi Mommy!!
New hairstyle I tried to do this morning. She only didn't realize it for a few minutes and pulled it right out.

10.5 week belly, I think. This is the best picture I could get by myself.
An apple after Bekah's through with it. She has strong teeth. She's got both bottow 2-year-molars and the top ones are poking through.

Monday, September 18, 2006

This Evening is Turning out to be Blahh!!!

On a side note, I know the video in my previous post is not working. I might have to re-upload it.

I came home from work extremely excited to get out of the house and go to my Spouse Ministries gathering at the Seminary, and right around the time Bekah and I were supposed to leave, it was DOWNPOURING!!! Both of us are getting over colds and the tempature was dropping, so I decided to stay in. What do you know, right around the time it would normally start, the rain stopped, but it would have taken me 10 minutes to get stuff together, 15 to get there, 5 to park, get inside, and 5 minutes to drop Bekah off at the free child care. By this time it would be 7:35-7:45 and it usually gets over around 8:30. All the work for only a few minutes. Needless to say, I feeling blahhh now. I'm tired and not wanting to do my school work, and Bekah is infront of the TV watching a Sesame Street video instead of running around a gym with a bunch of kids.
Enough of my complaining!! I'm attaching a few fun pictures from this weekend and today. We had a great weekend, and I was even able to basically finish my project for my first class. Yeah!!!
Enjoy the pictures!!

Today, I heard Bekah say something about a diaper, and I come out to find her opening the wipes, pretending to wipe one of her many Elmos and then try to put a diaper on. It was sooo cute!

This is Bekah showing her mommy some affection yesterday as she does so many times a day!! We'll keep her!!

Bekah sitting, relaxing with her daddy. She loves her daddy very much!!

Bekah multitasking. She's watching TV and coloring at the same time!!

Getting ready to go down the slide.

Saying goodbye to Grandma before she left on Saturday. She was really tired and wanted to go outside. She went down for a nap right before my mom left and slept for 4 hours!! When she woke up, she asked, "Where's Grandma?"

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Slide at Apple Picking Place

Mommy and Bekah going up to go down the slide.

Mom and Bekah going down slide. We would have got one of Bekah and Dad, but the batteries died in the camera and the other ones weren't charged. Oh well!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Bekah's Early B-Day Present

My parents will not see Bekah until a couple weeks after her birthday, so my mom went ahead and got one of Bekah's presents while she was here so that Bekah would not have late gifts. She had a lot of fun playing with it. Good thing since Daddy and Grandma spent 2 hours putting it together!!

Week 5 is over, and life is busy!!!

Week 5 is over for me, and week 2 is over for Bobby. It has begun again. Bobby studying and eating after he gets home from work between 10:45 and 11:30 pm and I go to bed. We don't even have our evening TV/Talk time now. What we do for graduate school :~)

I finally found a doctor down here, but I don't have an appointment for almost 2 weeks. It is will a Gyno/Midwife. I will still be delivering at a hospital!!!! Most likely with drugs.

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

God's Provision

I posted in my last post about finances. Well, Asbury Seminary was gracious enough to grant our request to allow Bobby to add a 2 credit-hour online class even past the add date so he can qualify for a loan. This will be the last loan of his graduate career, unless he decides to do his Doctorate or another Masters. We will get reimbursed from UPS and use that money to pay for his January class, etc, etc.
Bobby is really taking on a lot so that we (mostly me) don't have be extremely stressed out about money and drain most of our savings that we've been working to build. I told him now we can have some money to go out on date nights to relieve some of the stress from an extra class, supervising at UPS, and taking care of Bekah during the day. Thanks Sweetheart!! I love you!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

4 weeks down, 26 to go... For Me!!

The last 4 weeks have been eventful, tiring, long, but rewarding. I have my first concert in about a month, and I am already proud of my students. They are doing a great job!! Even my theory classes are going well. I am actually enjoying teaching these students that are required to take music theory every year.
Bobby's class has started well. If you think about us, keep our finances in your prayers. We couldn't get a loan this semester because Bobby's only taking one class, and UPS reimburses, so we're having to pay out of pocket for this class, and then when he gets reimbursed, we will have it to pay for his January class. I know we can do it; we just have to be extra careful this semester to make the payment plan.
Bekah turns 2 next month. It's so exciting!! I have included a few pictures from this past week. When I get a chance, I will post some stuff from an Apple Festival we went to yesterday.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Big Sister

For a few weeks now, we have been talking to Bekah about whether she wants a brother or sister and about how I have a baby in my "belly." A couple days ago I asked her, "Bekah, what's in mommy's belly?" To which she answered very sweetly, "A baby!"
Since then, with no avail, we've been asking her whether it's a boy baby or a girl baby. Just yesterday, she finally answered, "Boy." Bobby finally got the answered he wanted. She's been saying sister for a while, so he was estatic, to say the least, when she finally said boy.
What a cutie.

Monday, September 04, 2006

It is Finished!! Basically.

The finished project, except for a couple more swings.

The new permanent bench for Bekah to sit and read on.

"Playhouse" part of the swing set. Roof and sides complete.

Another angle.

Pics from the weekend

Bekah's new bench for in her playhouse part of her swing set.

Helping dad and eating an apple.

Fun at the park. Bekah climbing up the slide. She made it all the way to the top.
Mommy and Bekah. Mommy at 8 weeks, 5 days. Keep in mind this is not a maternity shirt, but they are maternity jeans.