Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jobs, jobs, jobs

Bobby starts his full-time job on Feb. 1.

Bobby starts his part-time youth ministry internship Feb. 7.

This Sunday will be our last Sunday at our current church. Pray for the girls. I'm a bit worried about their transition. This is the first church Bekah really has friends that she talks about, and it took Sarah along time to get used to church, but now loves her classes. Leah has never been in the nursery, so I'm not that worried about her, but more about me dealing with them essentially by myself since Bobby will be occupied.

We are starting to take steps to get pre-approved for a loan to buy a house, but there is not much out there that we think we will be able to afford. I am anxious to get back in our own space.

Thank you for your prayers!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Currently waiting to hear about an interview Bobby had last week. We would appreciate your prayers. This job would solidify us being able to get our own place again. We're not sure if we'd be able to buy a house right away, but we'd at least be able to get back on our own.

More to come soon.