Friday, November 13, 2009

We've been busy!!

We've been busy! A few pictures to tide you over. I will try to post more tomorrow.

Getting the pumpkins in the rain
Nephew Ethan playing soccer.
Bekah actually getting into the game. Yelling, "Go Ethan Go!"
Leah in her swing. Since then, she fits much better in the swing.
Trying out our new water carrier. It is awesome to use to be able to go to the pool by myself with the girls.
Leah checking out what the exersaucer is all about. The poor girl has to survive with the few toys left. She is the 4th child to use it. Our 3 and my sister's youngest.
Bekah practicing her moves before ballet class.
Sarah and Daddy during their swim lessons (Bobby DOES NOT like cold water, so he wore his water shirt that he bought when we went to Myrtle Beach in early October 2006 so he could stay warm while boogey boarding.)

Sarah, waiting for her turn at tumbling class