Friday, June 29, 2007


We are on a mini-vacation in New York. Last night, we stopped in Pennsylvania halfway with my parents. I will was it the bedroom of the suite pumping. My parents, Bobby, Bekah, and Sarah were in the living room. I hear screaming and then nothing. I finish pumping only to find out that Bekah had hit her forehead on the corner of the coffee table and got a big cut. We went to the ER. She had to have 3 stitches. Three real stitches!! Talk about a traumatic time for us!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mastering the Mouse

Bekah has really been enjoying playing a Sesame Street game on CD. She is finally able to do it on her own. She has mastered the mouse!! Yeah Bekah!!

Toe Pics

The pictures are a bit blurry, but you can see the pinkie toe on my left foot before it was relocated and splinted because of the break. I included a picture of my right foot also so you could see what the left looked like before the injury.
A few of you have asked if it hurts, and yes it hurts, but not tremendously painful. It's more awkward and annoying to remember to ice, take pain killers, and try to not get stepped on by Bekah.

Papasans and Naps

The pictures below are of all three sleeping at the same time!!

Since coming back from my parents', Sarah has transitioned into the Pack'n'Play. She outgrew the bassinet.


Bekah loves to do crafts. Last time I went grocery shopping, I bought 2 pieces of unfinished woods in the shape of a star and a flower with a hook hanging from them. I also purchased some paint pens for Bekah and I to decorate the wood. We had a lot of fun painting them.

My mom bought a wooden doll for Bekah to work on with clothes while we were there, but she didn't have a chance until we got home. You can tell from the pictures where I have "helped" fill in blank spots.


3 months old

Sarah @ 3 months old
She is growing like a weed!!
We think she is about 12 pounds and is around 23.5 inches long. She is sleeping much better and is a lot less fussy during the day and a bit less fussy during the evenings.
She still doesn't sleep very much during the day,(supposed to be napping 3 times for a total of 5 hours, she does about 3 hours of nap during the day) but she makes up for it at night.
While I was at my parents' a few weeks ago, she moved in to size 2 diapers.
She is such a wonderful addition to our life.

Denise and Ethan

Denise with Sarah

Finally getting around to posting these pictures.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Only broken in one place, dislocated in another. Shot to numb my toe, some pulling, some tape, and 4 weeks from now I should be good. Guess I won't be hiking this weekend. Will post pictures later.

I also haven't forgotten that Sarah turned 3 months yesterday. I will post pictures later.

A big thank you to Matt and Amy who came to the clinic and watched the girls for the last 45 minutes of the appointment when Bobby had to go to work, and then they brought me home, along with some Chipotle. Yumm!!

Prayer Request

Broke the pinkie toe on my left foot in 2 places. Ran into the bouncy seat in the hallway!! On our way in 20 minutes to the orthopedist. The doctor said I might have to have a pin put in it!! Yuck!! We leave on Thursday morning to go to New York to go hiking. Guess I won't be doing that. I am very nervous about getting it set, etc. Please pray for me!! Bobby says that compared to having a child without an epidural, I should be fine, but I'm still nervous!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


1. Sarah slept from 8:30 pm - 7 am last night, and we went to bed before midnight so we got GREAT sleep!!

2. College friend, Denise and her son Ethan driving from Indianapolis today to spend the day with us. So fun!! (I will post pictures when I have a chance)

3. Both girls in bed before 8:30 pm. This means I will actually get to spend time talking to Bobby tonight and maybe clean up around the house :~)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More events of Bobby's birthday

Bekah put this here when I gave her the card to give to Bobby in the morning.
Sarah pushing herself around on the floor, out from underneath her toys.

Bekah playing on our neighbors' swing set.

Hanging out outside, enjoying the weather under our new EZ UP canopy given to us by my parents for our anniversary.
Bekah helping Bobby blow out the candles on his cake.

Happy Birthday Honey!! We love you!!

Bobby's Birthday

How old do you think this face is??

He is now.......
He doesn't quite look 28, but he looks older than he looked when we got married 5 years ago.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holding her own bottle

Anniversary Presents

All the presents: shoe rack, walking stick, canoe necklace, bill box, and wooden pen.
FYI: My shoe rack was not a kit. Bobby cut, built, and stained that for me, as well as designed it.

Wooden pen and canoe necklace

Bill box

Watching TV when I'm Trying to Talk to Her

My Peace Lily (Mother's Day present)

This is what happens when I go away for 2 weeks and my hubby doesn't water my Mother's Day present.

Monday, June 18, 2007

12 weeks old and nearly 3 months

Sarah grew soooo much over the last 2 weeks. She doesn't official turn 3 months until Sunday, but she is quickly growing out of her 0-3 month clothes. She can still wear outfits if they are 2 separate pieces, but if they are only one piece, she has moved to the 3-6 month sizes.

She is interacting so much with everyone around her. Looking around, aware of EVERYTHING!! She recognizing her sister, parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousins when they talk to her and give them big smiles. She tries so hard to communicate also. Talking up a storm. She is so fun.

While at my parents, she got on a really good schedule. Eat, play, approximately 1.5 hours after eating, nap. Except for a couple nights of the 2 weeks where she got up at 4 am, she consistently slept from approximately 10 pm- 6 am. It was wonderful!!

My parents helped me so much!! I wouldn't have made it without them!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Now that we home as of 3:30 pm, she was very fussy and clingy again. She went to bed well, but after several clingy hours.

5 years

Friday was our 5 year anniversary. I was still at my parents' house, and Bobby had to work as usual. Bobby drove towards my parents' house that night, but had to stop and sleep at a rest stop for 3 hours before he continued on. He arrived at my parents' house at 5 am.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the pool with my sister and her boys.

Saturday night, my sister and her hubby babysat while Bobby and I went out to dinner.

We went to The Columbus Fish Market. It was wonderful. I had shrimp, Bobby had Tilapia. We both had the house salad, and we shared Key Lime Pie. It was really nice to get out together by ourselves. It was the first time since Sarah was born.

5 years is celebrated with wood. Bobby made me a new, HUGE shoe rack for my kitchen and a bought me a wooden rack/container for my bills. I purchased Bobby a walking stick, a necklace from Hawaii with a wooden canoe paddle on it, and a small wooden pen that attaches to his keys. (He is always taking pens to work and leaving them there) I will post pictures of the items when I get a chance.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lunch and Shopping with Sally

Today Sarah, Bekah, and I spent a few hours with my childhood friend Sally. Sally and I met in elementary school. After middle school, she and her family moved about 30 minutes away. This didn't change our friendship. Sally continued to come into town and go to youth group with me and became close friends with a lot of the kids at my church. She even went to Life 95 with us in Orlando, FL. After HS graduation, we both found our way to Indiana Wesleyan for school. We didn't room together, but we carpooled back and forth, and spent time together "hanging out" at school also. Today Sally and I ventured to Joe's Crab Shack with the girls in tow. We had a really nice time catching up. Sally also helped me do a little shopping for a top to wear on Saturday night. Bobby and I are going out for our 5 year anniversary. Our actual anniversary is tomorrow, but he has to work tomorrow night and will not be getting in till late Friday night.
Sally got some cute pictures of the girls and me and all of us together, so when she sends them to me I will share them.

Zoo Time with Grandma

Last Saturday, Bekah, Sarah, and I went to the zoo with my mom. My parents are members at the zoo and buy a "Grandparents plus 2" that allow them to take all their grandchildren and 2 additional guests each time they visit the zoo. Because of this, when we go to the zoo we usually only stay for a couple hours.

On Saturday, we went to the aquarium, the manatees, the turtles, the penguins, and the elephants and rhinos. Mom also took Bekah into the petty zoo while I fed Sarah her bottle.
It was a great day to visit the zoo!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still Alive

Busy, busy, busy!!

I have officially stopped nursing but am still pumping and feeding. Since Sarah is nearly 12 weeks old, I have decided to stop putting myself through the agony of trying to nurse her. After a few days of exclusively nursing her, I am bitten, bleeding, cracked, and she has passed me her thrush. I heal, get over the infection, and a few days later, the same thing has happened. Second children are supposed to be easier!! Bekah never did this to me. I have decided it's not worth the heartache and physical pain. I think she's getting too old to correct her latch on, and she seems to get so much more and stays happier longer when I pump and feed. As of right now, my plan is to continue doing this until the end of July when I will start to wean in order to be done by the time school starts in early July. I have TONS frozen in the freezer, so she will get more BM for at least a couple weeks past weaning.
(Correction: Early AUGUST!!)

The last few days have been busy, but I will post pictures soon of when my mom and I took Bekah and Sarah to the zoo on Saturday while my dad and Bobby went out on the sailboat.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Way to go, Sarah!

Nursing is not going too well because of a latch on problem (starting to think she just has a small mouth), but Sarah has starting sleeping from around 10 pm till 6 am. Yeah!!
As of right now, I will be pumping until I can get in touch with a lactation specialist. I tried to make an appointment before coming to my parents, but no one would call me back!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Various Pictures

"Look at Bekah go!"
"Hi Mom!"
"I love my baby."
Playing in the sprinkler (90+ degrees today)

Barnes and Nobles

Chillin' with the grandkids in the hottub (app. water tempertature 85 degrees)
Lining up Grandma's pinecones on the steps