Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas 2009

2009, year in review-

2009 has been a year filled with ups and downs but a lot of celebrations.

January- We found out we were having daughter #3. I think we were all hoping it was a boy, but after we were told it was a girl, we rejoiced in the fact that there wouldn’t be as many surprises. We’d already had two beautiful girls! We were originally going to name her Anah, but in the end, we landed on Leah.

February- I passed my glucose test! I was very excited about this! I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Sarah and was miserable. I was determined not to have it again! I kept my exercise up and watched my carbohydrate intake. In the end, I passed with FLYING colors.

March- We celebrated Sarah’s 2nd birthday with a Dora party. Much fun was had by all. We also traveled to Wapakoneta, Ohio to meet our friends the Swans to borrow many baby items for the upcoming birth of Leah.

April- We celebrated the birth of our 1st niece, Emma Mae Catherine Haeck, born to Bobby’s sister Faithe and her husband Nathan. I also cut Sarah’s hair for the first time during this month. My mom, sister, and I went up to Amish Country in Ohio over night with no kids and no husbands. It was a lot of fun! I walked a bit more than I really wanted to, but it was nice to be away over night.

May- We celebrated the birth of our 3rd daughter, Leah Pauline Fannin, born May 9th, the day before Mother’s Day. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces and was 21 inches long. She stayed in the longest and was the heaviest of our three daughters, but since then, she has slowed down. She is still the longest, but is a good 2 pounds lighter than her sisters when they were her age.

Two weeks after she was born, we traveled to Kentucky for Bobby’s graduation from Asbury Theological Seminary.

June- We celebrated Bobby’s 30th b-day and my paternal grandfather’s 80th birthday while in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

July- We celebrated my 29th birthday. Rebekah took swim lesson, finally! The first time we enrolled her in swim lessons was soon after she got her broken leg cast off, and she cried the whole time through the first two lessons. After the second lesson, she fell off the climbing wall part of the indoor playground and broke her arm. Therefore, no swim lessons until the next year. She did much better this time. The only part she did not enjoy was the games that they played. She just wanted to work on her strokes.

August- Bekah was tested for early admittance to kindergarten and passed with flying colors. She scored in the 97th percentile. The “average” kindergartener enters with a score in the 50th percentile. She goes to school for 2 hours and 45 minutes, 5 days per week. She is having a blast! She is bouncy, as her teacher puts it, but doing wonderfully academically!!

September- Sarah started taking swimming lessons and a tumbling class. She had a bit of a rough start with tumbling, really didn’t enjoy it the first week, but now loves it! She is upset when we have a week off. She also thrived in swim lessons. She took a parent class with Bobby, who enjoyed being “dunked” by Sarah. Rebekah also took a ballet class, which she enjoyed thoroughly. It was neat to see her focusing on the instructor during the rehearsal.

October- Rebekah, our baby girl, turned 5! We had a Glow Putt birthday part along with a rainbow cake. Mommy and Daddy were a lot more successful with this cake. We hardly argued at all!!

November- Rebekah lost her first tooth. She woke up one morning and said her mouth felt weird. I looked at her mouth and noticed her tooth looked a bit weird. I wiggled it and it was very, very loose. Within a week, it was out. It actually came out the day before she was scheduled to go to the dentist for her cleaning. Leah also started sitting up during this month. One day she wasn’t even doing “the tripod” and the next day she was sitting up very well for 3-4 minutes at a time by herself! She’s growing so fast!

Finally we look forward to another year. Our family is changing so much and we are excited to see where the Father is leading us. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and have a merry and blessed Christmas!

Friday, November 13, 2009

We've been busy!!

We've been busy! A few pictures to tide you over. I will try to post more tomorrow.

Getting the pumpkins in the rain
Nephew Ethan playing soccer.
Bekah actually getting into the game. Yelling, "Go Ethan Go!"
Leah in her swing. Since then, she fits much better in the swing.
Trying out our new water carrier. It is awesome to use to be able to go to the pool by myself with the girls.
Leah checking out what the exersaucer is all about. The poor girl has to survive with the few toys left. She is the 4th child to use it. Our 3 and my sister's youngest.
Bekah practicing her moves before ballet class.
Sarah and Daddy during their swim lessons (Bobby DOES NOT like cold water, so he wore his water shirt that he bought when we went to Myrtle Beach in early October 2006 so he could stay warm while boogey boarding.)

Sarah, waiting for her turn at tumbling class

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bekah is 5!!!

The Birthday Girl!

Glow Putt!! The Aunts and one Grandma

The Granpas!!

Sarah playing, Grandma and Daddy helping

Mommy trying to help Bekah while holding Leah

The birthday girl with Sarah, her rainbow cake, and birthday bear

At Tim Horton's with Daddy for birthday breakfast

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sarah's haircut, again :)

Her monster. She is such a good artist for 2 years old, I think.

I cut Sarah's hair again. It really needed it. We're getting closer and closer to having her bangs "grown out." I think her hair is adorable, but I'm biased because I cut it. :)

4 months old

Leah turned 4 months old on September 9th. On September 15th, after having to reschedule the original appointment because of conflicts with the time (around same time as picking up Bekah from kindergarten), Leah and I, and the other 3 kiddos (because it was in the afternoon) went to the doctor for Leah's appointment.
She was 13 lbs, 11.5 ounces and 25.5 inches. 90th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. Her growth has definitely slowed down. She is very,very close to what her sisters were at this age.
At this age, Bekah had gained almost 8 pounds and Sarah almost 6. Leah has only gained a bit over 5 lbs.
She is sleeping around 11 hours at night and 5, 30-45 minute naps during the day. A beautiful girl!! Lucky to have her in our family!!

Monday, September 07, 2009


Bekah had her first full week of kindergarten last week. She did great!! Daddy was worried, but Bekah had no apprehension at all.
I have included 1 picture of Leah hanging out and one picture of the 3 big kids hanging out in Grandpa's chair watching a movie after lunch.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bekah and Sarah at 3 months

Do Bekah, Sarah, and Leah look alike?? (these are just Bekah and Sarah, Leah is in the post below)
Can you tell who is who??

3 month old pictures and family pictures

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pictures Galore

Balloon I got for my mom for her birthday

Hanging out with Leah in-front of the TV

Heather and Allen in Marion, IN. Heather was in our youth group when Bobby was a youth pastor 7 years ago.
Rebekah "making" Grandpa open all his mail.

Reading with Grandma

Rocking at Grandma and Grandpa Fannin's

Daddy and Leah looking at a big bear.

Rocking in a car at a park near Grandma and Grandpa Fannin's house

Bobby was off last week, so we went several fun places as a family. This is at a local conservatory that has butterflies, etc, for the kids to look at.

Sarah in her chair at the restaurant for Grandma's b-day


Dylan and Bekah at the restaurant

Grandma opening her presents at home

Leah eying my muffin!