Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sponge Bath Time

Since Leah's cord hasn't fallen off yet, we gave her a sponge bath on Saturday night. She loved it!! She was so calm getting her hair washed. She didn't love her belly getting washed, but I think it was because she was cold.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Introducting, Leah Pauline Fannin

Leah Pauline Fannin
Born: 2:46 pm
May 9, 2009
8 lbs, 9 oz, 21 inches

Broke water at 9 am (dilated 3 cm)
1:45 pm- 7 cm
2 pm- got epidural
2:30 pm- felt ready to push, starting pushing about 2:34 pm (doctor was finishing up his other induction next door)
2:46 pm, Leah born

Doing great! Feel awesome. Probably go home tomorrow.

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Big Day.....

Is tomorrow. I am being induced at 9 am, if I make it. I was monitored for about 20 minutes at the doctor's office because I have been feeling Leah move less recently, and during that 20 minutes, I had 3 contractions. I'm still not feeling well, so who knows, now that I've scheduled an induction, she'll probably come on her own.

Be praying for us. I'm excited, but still nervous. Look for pictures by tomorrow night or Sunday morning.


Friday, May 01, 2009

Prayers Appreciated

I'm having some pre-labor depresson. I am now farther along in this pregnancy than I've ever been before, and I am getting impatient and want to be done, but then if she doesn't come by Sunday, I want her to wait another week. It's complicated!!

~I want her to come by Sunday so I can come home by Tuesday. My parents leave for Hawaii early Tuesday morning and I really need their help with Bekah and Sarah while we're in the hospital. (my sister is here and my friend Amy is coming, but if you add all the kids up, that's 5 kids with 3 adults, and I'd really like my parents to be able to help also)
~I also want to be home by Tuesday because Bekah, Ethan, and Dylan have their AWANA awards night on Wednesday evening. For the first 20 weeks or so of Awana this year, I was taking the kids, helping them learn their verses, etc, and it would break my heart (and dissapoint Bekah) if I couldn't be at the awards ceremony. Bobby's been taking the kiddos the last few weeks, but recently Bekah has been wanting me to take them.
~I have the option of being induced on May 8th, but my parents are gone until May 14th, I don't really want to schedule to be induced while they're gone. Again, I want/need their help, emotionally, physically, etc.
~My friend Amy is coming for a whole week starting Tuesday evening, and even though she will be a ENORMOUS help no matter when she comes, I'd really like to have Leah before she comes.
~I really feel like I'm not being a good mom/wife/aunt lately. I cannot sit on the floor and play with the kiddos, I get tired easily trying to get them to clean up after themselves, and I am really not motivated at all to do anything fun with them. Then, when Bobby gets home, all I want to do is sit with my feet up using the computer or lay in bed with my feet up watching Gilmore Girls. I'm just blah!!

So, if you think of me over the next few days, please say a prayer that God's timing is perfect and that I can come to have a stronger realization of this. I need to be emotionally set for labor.