Monday, February 01, 2010

The big day

Bobby started his new job this morning. He had to be there at 8, and my sister (who works at the same company) suggested he leave at 7:15 am until he got the traffic pattern down. He left at 7:05 (wanted to leave at 7) and got there at 7:38 am. I convinced him that he doesn't have to leave until 7:15 tomorrow.

I started taking Bekah to school, allong with the girls. We survived!

This shift, 8-5, is only during training, and there is the possibility of him be switched to 9-6 or 10-7. I am secretly hoping for 9-6, even though it would mean he would miss dinner with the girls. It just would be very helpful if he could still take Bekah to school.

Have to go get ready for the rest of the day!! Have a great one!