Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bekah's leg

Here are a couple pictures of Bekah's leg without the cast. She is walking more, but still holding her leg out to the side and putting a lot of weight on her right leg. I keep reminding her to pull her leg and knee in, but she isn't doing it much. She is still not bending her left leg much. I hope she starts to put more weight on it soon. It is still harder to get around with the 2 of them by myself than before.

First day of school/preschool

Dylan's first day of 2nd grade was Wednesday, so it was also the first day of preschool. Here are a couple pictures of Dylan before heading off to school, and a couple of Ethan and Bekah sitting at the table that Bobby made. (cut out, designed, painted, etc)

Things are going well, but I have decided that I am going to do 30 minutes of sit down lesson time every day instead of 1 hour every other day because the kiddos can't handle more than that. We always do a craft and have organized games, trips to the park, library, etc, but they just can't sit down and "work" for more than 30 minutes.

Mom and Dad Helwig's b-days

My parents birthdays are only 9 days apart, but instead of having a combined party, we celebrated 2 weeks in a row.

We went out for dinner to Red Lobster on my mom's b-day, the 21st, and then back to my sister's place for the dessert: coconut cream pie and cookies for the non-coconut people.

We celebrated my dad's last night instead of today because my brother-in-law Rich is in a wedding this weekend and the rehearsal dinner is tonight. (it's a Jewish wedding) We went out to an Italian place called Rotelli's and then back to Mom and Dad's for Cherry Pie (dad's favorite) and chocolate cake for the non-cherry people. (kids, Bobby, and Melissa)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Day has come.....

Tomorrow, at 4 pm, I take Bekah to get her cast off. Yeah!!!! I am so excited!!!! I have been really looking forward to this day for a while. Say a prayer for us tomorrow that, after 6 weeks, her leg is all better and doesn't have a lot of discomfort.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Babysitting Day 1, Preschool starts Wednesday

The top 2 are Ethan's, the bottom 2 are Bekah's

Bekah and Ethan modeling their masks

Dylan with his lion mask

Dylan with his recycle item, a guitar

Lots of fun today. I will definitely not have a problem filling time once we start doing preschool things. I will also be taking them to a tumbling class on Mondays starting in September, so that will fill time also. More updates later!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're going to having another nephew or our first niece

Recently, Bobby's sister Faithe, and her husband Nathan found out that they are going to have their first baby. Estimated due date is mid-April. Congrats!! We love you guys, and you're going to be great parents.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not much to Post about

I am 3 week days away from starting to watch my nephews full-time. I will have Dylan for 2 days next week until he starts 2nd grade on Wednesday. On Wednesday I will just have the 3 kids from 7:30-3:30. I am excited, but nervous about getting all the preschool stuff done, etc.

Bobby started a new position at UPS last Thursday. He is now in charge of the scanners. Repairing, troubleshooting, running checks to see if packages indeed went where they're supposed to, etc. He is having fun, but has started to eat less because he doesn't move around as much during the day. We like his new hours better. He leaves earlier, which doesn't allow for much family time in the mornings, but he has been home no later than 4:30 pm, some times earlier.
Bekah is 1 week away (tomorrow) from getting her cast off. She has started to hobble around on her leg, which has been helpful, but I am still very excited get it off. I'm ready to not have to take a stroller into every store, no matter what. She has started to allow me to put barrettes in her hair and she looks beautiful!!

Sarah is growing, growing, growing!! She is starting to say more words and make herself known. We definitely know that she is strong-willed. She screams out when something doesn't go her way. She has been tormented her sister whenever she can, so when Bekah gets her cast off, Sarah better watch out!!

The girls have been playing so well together lately, it's been wonderful being home with them!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sarah swinging like a big girl, and Bekah taking a little nap yesterday

Sarah has been watching Bekah and swing and really wanted to swing like a big girl. We have been letting her a little bit, but the other day, we let her try it longer than usual. She does it so well!! Bekah couldn't even hold on like this when she was 2.5, and Sarah isn't even 1.5 years old.

The girls got up yesterday before 7 am (after going to bed after 10 pm). Sarah went down for a nap before 10:45 am, and Bekah couldn't make it till going to bed. She fell asleep on the floor in front of the TV at 3:45 pm and slept until after 6, despite efforts to wake her up. Here is Sarah trying to wake her up. (FYI- Bekah hasn't taken a nap since she was 2.5. Occasionally she will fall asleep in the car on a long trip, but she never falls asleep during a regular day) She must have been exhausted!!

Swing set update- almost done

Stairs and front enclosure, still need enclosure next to slide and the side next tot he blue swing

Bekah wearing Uncle Rich's soccer sock so she doesn't scratch the floors with her cast

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Images from Bekah's camera

Bekah took these 2 pictures of her sister as we sat on the swing the other when we came back from a walk. On the walk, she took over 200 pictures with her camera. :) So cute!

I took the next three pictures with Bekah's camera. Sarah wanted to sit behind Bekah and then she was leaning forward give her sister hugs. :) So adorable. So glad I'm staying home to see them love on each other.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Yeah!! We are finally wireless!! We can use our own computer!!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bekah FYI

For almost a week now, Bekah has been successfully wearing panties to bed. Yeah Bekah!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

New swing set so far

Bobby spent a couple hours Saturday night and most of the afternoon Sunday working on the new playset. My dad was able to help some also, as well as myself. :)

People we'll miss from Kentucky

Kelly, Paul, and Elijah (2.5 weeks younger than Sarah, but actually due 10 days before)

Jean and Tim

Bekah's silly hair

One day, Bekah decided to put on the Ariel hair from her build-a-bear costume. She looked so silly.

Trip to the Ohio State Fair (August 2nd)

Where we are Living (a video tour)

A Visit to Indiana (July 25-27)

Bekah's new cast (that she got last week)

Bekah's new cast doesn't have nearly as many signatures as the last one. In fact, I think it only has smiley faces on it.

The doctor here in Ohio said that the doctor in Kentucky may have mislead us a bit. He said that if an adult had this type of break, it would be a 16 week healing process.

Cast now scheduled to be taken off August 27th, 4 pm. Dylan's first day of school.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I am so thankful that my family has allowed us to invade their lives to help with my sanity. This is because if we were in Kentucky right now, I would start all day school activities THIS COMING WEDNESDAY!! There is nooooooo way I would be able to handle this. I feel like the summer has just begun. I have 3 more weeks before my brother-in-law and nephew go back to school. I still have time to get organized and have some fun!! Yeah!!! (a big thank you to Bobby also for being willing to uproot our family for me, love you honey)