Monday, September 10, 2007

We would appreciate your prayers

Side note: As I'm starting to type this, Bekah came down on the floor and told me to "Click on Elmo" We have her games, etc, bookmarked at the top of the page. How cute!!

Bobby and I are embarking on the possibility of him changing from the Masters of Divinity Program to the Masters of Christian Leadership.

The new program only requires 60 hours instead of 96 hours. Because he has taken some classes that he doesn't need for the new major, he would end up with 72 hours. This would hopefully allow him to graduate 1 year from May instead of 4 years from December.

There are several reasons for this:

1) Money, UPS pays for 4K per year, but this doesn't cover all of the $427 per credit hour and 15 credits per year that Bobby is taking. Bobby is really, really against not taking out another loan, and we are not sure how easily we can do the extra money out of pocket.
2) The MDiv is not NECESSARY for him to become a pastor. There are a lot of pastors working out there with only another type of masters, or even only a bachelor's degree.
3) The MDiv is a lot of Bible stuff that he's already had and no Leadership classes which he feels he should get.
4) I (Paula) am getting antsy to be able to work not at all, or part time. I have been the "bread winner" for these first 5 years of our marriage with, except for summer breaks, not a lot of "quality" time with my children or Bobby. The thought of 4 more years of this is daunting for me. I am really ready to work part-time or not at all outside the home.

We are really leaning towards this change, but there are still a lot of things to think about and pray about. We appreciate your prayers concerning our decision over the next few days.

(FYI: The only thing that is slightly dissapointing is that if we had considered this more seriously last Fall, he may have been able to finish this year. Bummer!!! (that's for you Jean:~))))


Michelle McCallum said...

We will definitely keep this in our prayers. We are dealing with a similar situation right now as well.

The Messer's said...

God will direct you the path you are to take.

Phil Strahm said...

I'll be praying for you guys!

I have been discussing with Michelle the same thing in terms of what/where God is directing my next level of decisions yet.

Amanda said...

Wow, you will be in our prayers - that is a big decision! I am firmly in your camp about being able to stay home permanently or at least only work part time. But God will reveal his plan in our situation and yours!

Gene and Annie said...

We will be praying also! Gene and I have been considering some new changes too in Gene's career! He is just gone way too much. It is hard to know sometimes what the right next step should be, so I know exactly how you are feeling!

Deven said...

Wow. That's a lot of thinking to do. You brave woman. I don't know about being the breadwinner, but I don't know that I could stay at home. Here's to praying, praying, and more praying.

Carmine said...

Hi Paula,

Just wanted to say HI, and I'll be praying for those specific things this week :)

Take Care,