Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tough 2 Days

Wow, are my 2 children ever different. Right now I am extremely jealous of my friends that have had their second children recently and their 2nd is very mellow compared to #1. Bekah was not mellow, but wow!!, Sarah is very high maintenance sometimes.
Yesterday and today, Sarah screamed any time Bobby or I left the room or were not right next to her. For Bobby during the day, for me at night. Bobby has been calling it her manic depressive phase.
One of her teeth is coming in more, and I hope this is not why she's been the way she has. If it is, we're in for a long road!! We wouldn't even know when Bekah's teeth came in until we stuck our fingers in her mouth. Go figure!!

Also, the three of us, Bekah, Sarah, and myself, have been fighting a cold. this doesn't help.

FYI: Bekah went to bed finally at 9:15 after getting up before 8 am and not having a nap all day. Sarah went down around 9:30.
I'd better get to my school work. My eyes are starting to cross.

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