Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Update this AM

Bekah slept from 6:16 pm-7:30 am (WOW!!!, she was bushed!!)
Sarah slept from 7 pm- 2:45 am, new diaper, jammies finally, bottle, played with Dad, Mom went back to sleep till 6:30 am. Came out, Dad's asleep on the floor, Sarah is awake playing, but obvioiusly hasn't been awake long cause she still has her mimi (pacifier) in.
7:30 am, everyone up and ready to start the day.
Hopefully everyone sleeps through the night tonight!! Daddy needs it. He has his first class tomorrow afternoon 1-5 pm, and then all day Saturday, 8-5. Pray for him, and me as I have to entertain the girls for 9+ hours. It's been 6 weeks since I've had to do this. :~)

Papers to grade, students to prepare for. Pictures tonight if all cooperate.


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