Friday, September 28, 2007

Beautiful Day

I had today off. For the rest of the district, it was a flexible PD (professional development) day, meaning you go if you want, but our school didn't have anything planned. Meaning: We got a three day weekend.
I left the house early to grocery shop, and when I came home, we headed to JcPenney to have Sarah's 6 month pictures and Bekah's 3 year pictures taken. We also had a few taken of them together, but only 1 turned out good enough to buy. They were running a bit late (20 minutes or so) and by the time we did both of the girls and changed their clothes, they were getting a bit uncooperative. It didn't help that Sarah had only taken a 10 minute nap on the way to the mall all morning at 11:30ish. She ended up falling asleep on the way home, but only slept for 90 minutes. So, all day, our 6 month old only slept for 100 minutes. Bekah slept longer than that today. Sarah went to bed at 8 pm; Bekah is still up but in a good mood.
Tomorrow we will be heading out early to a pumpkin patch because if we don't got tomorrow, we won't be able to go until Oct. 27. We are going to be out of town on the weekends until then. Tomorrow night Bobby and I will have a date while Jean babysits.
Post pics tomorrow.

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