Monday, September 24, 2007

6 months old!!

I have pictures to post, but no time now. We are in crunch time with school and I have much to do. Time has gone so fast!! I can't believe that 6 months ago today, Sarah was almost 10 hours old. She came so fast!! It was an amazing experience. I still can't believe that I had her in 2 hours with approx. 10 contractions, no pain medication, and 1 push. (which they didn't want me to do because my doctor wasn't there yet, but there was NO holding her back, she wanted to come out, and I didn't want to try to stop her any longer) After having one with an epidural, you want to try to go natural, but you're not as optimistic as with #1.
She doesn't go to the doctor till next Tuesday, so I will let you know her stats after we visit the doc. Bekah will be 3 two weeks from tomorrow, and we will go to the doctor shortly after that for her stats. They grow up so fast!!

On a side note: We got a new refrigerator tonight. Ours just quit working. It was staying cold enough. I had to pay our October rent a week early so our landlord would have the money for it, but it was well worth it!!

Hopefully I will be able to post pics tomorrow. The girls didn't go to bed until 8:15 (Sarah) and 9:30 (Bekah) so I haven't gotten enough done.

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