Thursday, July 12, 2007


1. New Razr phone bought on e-bay to replace the one I washed.
2. Almost weaned from pumping, down to pumping once every 24 hours. It was just too hard to pump, feed, and take care of both girls while Bobby was at work. This means I am finally getting to wear a regular bra again. Sorry if this is TMI.
3. Sarah slept in her crib in Bekah's room for the first time last night. She slept from 9-6:30. The hardest part was getting them both to sleep around the same time without waking each other up. Bekah was put to bed at 8:00, but she kept turning her light on and laying on her bed, so when Sarah fell asleep at 8:25, I told Bekah to go sit on the couch. Sarah slept and Bekah finally fell asleep on the couch with me around 9. I didn't want her to stay in her room and disturb Sarah. Any suggestions for doing this better??

Edit: Bobby says that Sarah got up at 1:30 last night. I don't remember it. :~)

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