Monday, July 30, 2007

All about Bekah

Bekah loves to dance!! She dances to all music, every time something with music comes on. It is so cute to watch her. Her two favorite movies right now are Cars and Happy Feet. She dances to the music in them all the time. While she's watching Happy Feet she is actually trying to dance like Mumble. It is adorable!! I can't wait till she's old enough to enroll in dance class. :~)
We also recently rearranged some things in the living room and "office" to create a play room for the girls. The room will continue to have the futon for guests to sleep on, but will no longer have any office things. The printers will now be housed in another part of the house. As it is, we are always sitting at the kitchen table on the computer anyway.

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Gene and Annie said...

I have a dancer too and we are close to putting her into dance class but can't decide if we want to put the money into quite yet? Decisions Decisions!! You have two beautiful girls!! I love reading your updates!