Monday, July 16, 2007

Fannin Family Visitors

Bobby's parents, along with his sister Faithe and her husband Nathan, came in Thursday night by dinner time for a visit. Faithe and Nathan left yesterday, and Bob and Carol will be leaving this evening.
We did many funny things while they visited. On Friday we went out to an that Asbury College owns and did some hiking. The first part was a bit challenging but fun. (all straight down) The hardest part was when the trail narrowed and was really close to the edge. We went to the bottom near the Kentucky River and skipped some rocks. (I fed Sarah a bottle) Bobby only took videos of this, no pictures. Going back up was tiring, but the path was wide so you didn't have to worry about falling off.
On Saturday we ventured up to Petersburg, KY to the Creation Museum. There were many people there and most of the time we weren't moving around in a group, so we didn't get any pictures. It was very interesting. They have a beautiful outdoor area that Carol and Bekah ran around in while the rest of us finished up inside.

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Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

I have heard alot about the creation museum lately! I have some friends that are planning on going soon and I saw a commerical for it!! It sounds really neat!!