Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nap Notes

EVERYONE else in the house is napping EXCEPT me, so I will give you a few praises and prayer requests from this week.


1)Two mornings in a row Bekah has woken up completely dry!!
2)This morning, I was sitting at the computer and the monitor was on next to me because Sarah was napping. I heard someone going to the bathroom. I assumed it was Bobby. I called his name. He answered over the monitor because he was in Bekah/Sarah's room changing Sarah's diaper. The person going to the bathroom was Bekah. She had gone into the bathroom, took her panties off, went, then preceeded to wipe herself and wash her hands!! We're making progress!!
3)Our friend Jean graduated with her masters in Library Science from EKU yesterday. Congrats Jean!! We are going to a little dessert reception in honor of her tonight.

Prayer Requests:
1)Our dear friends Matt and Amy are moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota early next week. Matt just finished his Masters from UK in May, and he got a job out there. Pray for their safety as well as their baby that Amy is carrying. She is due Dec. 27. We are very sad to see them go. We will really miss seeing the baby when it's brand new.
2)My toe.
3)Sarah is teething. She has one poking through on the bottom. She's had her hand in her mouth a lot the last few days. She has been grumpy in the evenings.
4)School starts 2 weeks from Wed. I don't want to go. I've had 18 weeks off, and I am not ready to go back. I don't think Bobby's ready to have the girls by himself either.

Have a great weekend!!

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