Monday, April 30, 2007

Wireless Again

5 weeks after I spilled water on the laptop and shorted out the internal wireless card, we have finally replaced it and installed it. I no longer have to be in my bedroom to be on the internet. Yeah!!!


Gene and Annie said...

Funny you mention the sling thing because I have some pictures to post of my new sling. I actually have a friend that makes them and I think she sells them for around 40$ but dont' quote me on that... I have used it some but not much yet. She nurses in hers which will be nice when I get the hang of it. My main problem is I just need to practice more at home. The really nice thing about slings is once you get the hang of it, you can really use them soo many different ways even for older children. Gene used it the other to hold Dax on his hip! She will nurse her baby and go through Walmart all at the same time but I haven't gotten that great at it yet... Maybe someday. If you want more information just shoot me an email or comment on my blog. There are a few different kinds that you can find on the internet..... the one that I have is has the rings and is adjustable. Maybe I will get those pictures up soon so you can see it.

Cari L said...

Hey Paula, I found you through Kristi's blog.. I lived in Carmin with you and everybody, I was Kristi's roommate, Cari.

How are you?