Monday, April 30, 2007

Sling Suggestions??

I have a very needy 5 week old and I looking into getting a sling to carry her in around the house instead of snugli (because I'm home alone and it's hard to properly put her in by myself) so that I can get SOMETHING done in the evenings.

There are so many different ones. Does anyone out there have any suggestions??

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Stephen & Michelle said...

There is a lady here in Marion that sells one like I have...I LOVED it and would have completely lost my sanity if I hadn't had it with helped me get stuff done and he was SUCH a fussy baby that sometimes it was the only way to calm him down. I think they are like $50, but worth every penny in my has locking rings and different ways you can "hold" the baby...and you can use it until they are too heavy to carry anymore. Some nurse their baby in it, but I never tried.

Feel free to email me ( and I can get you her contact information if it sounds like something you might like...