Monday, April 23, 2007

Our Daughters

Last night we had our Life Group (small group) meeting. At the end, one of the gentlemen was praying for me, giving me strength to take care of the kids when I'm by myself, etc. It really struck me for the first time that I have KIDS. Not just one, but 2. It is overwhelming at times, but we still feel very blessed.


Phil Strahm said...

Michelle and I are in NO hurry to have yours and others posts about the busyness of kids keeps us on track of the "no kids 'till the late 20's" idea.

I'm sure you love 'em!!!

Rob and Kristin Taylor said...

HI Bobby and Paula - not sure if you remember me from IWU wind-ensemble...but just stumbled across your blog. Just wanted to say what beautiful girls you have. Congratulations!

Kristin (Dahl) Taylor