Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

Wow, what a cold Easter weekend! Because of the chilly temperatures, we had to compromise and have our Easter egg hunt inside instead of out. I bought 3 different kinds of plastic eggs to put Bekah's treats in: Elmo, Princess (Ariel, Cinderella, etc.) and Dora. Bekah would only let the Princess eggs in her basket. She kept taking out the Elmo and Dora ones and putting them on the floor, bed, etc. It was so weird!!

I purchased a glittery egg kit decorating eggs. While I fed Sarah Saturday evening, Bobby and Bekah decorating eggs together. The kit had many more steps than I thought. Bobby was a bit frustrated by the task, but he and Bekah enjoyed spending time together. We also enjoyed watching Veggies Tales: An Easter Carol together.

Sunday, we got all dressed up (bundled up) for church. Both girls looked beautiful in their pink dresses, covered by little jackets, of course. We came home from church and had a nice meal of ham, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. This is the first time in a while that we've been home by ourselves for Easter. We are usually traveling. It was nice to be home, but I missed being cooked for. :~)

All in all, it was a nice Easter weekend.

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