Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Weekend

Enjoying time in what she calls "the cage." She packs everyone in and says, "seat belt, be safe." From Diego I believe. She played in the suitcase for almost an hour, so needless to say, I packed a different bag instead.

Playing in the sand, (museum) Building something (museum)

Climbing high in the air with daddy (museum), Playing in the water (museum)

"Buying" some groceries (museum), Checking out (museum)

This weekend we spent about 24 hours in Cincinnati for a mini-babymoon. We headed up on Saturday morning to the Cincinnati Museum Center to go to their children's museum. It was wonderful!! We had a lot of fun. After that, we headed to the Best Western in Ft Mitchell, KY, just south of Cincy. They have a huge indoor playground, indoor pool, etc. (We went there last year also around the same time.) My parents came down from Columbus and brought our nephews Dylan and Ethan who we haven't seen since Christmas. (I hadn't seen my dad since then either.) Bekah had a lot of fun playing with her cousins. For some reason I only took pictures of them while they were in the pool. Later that night, my mom and dad watched the kids and Bobby and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. I got crab legs, he got steak. What a surprise!! We had a really nice time together by ourselves before we have 2 kids. (On a side note, we changed our water filter in our pitcher yesterday, and we realized that the next time we will have to change it we will have 2 daughters!!)
Sunday morning we swam and played more, had lunch, and then headed home. It was a really nice, relaxing time with family. I have included some pictures from the festivities and also from when I was trying to pack on Friday evening.

Dylan diving. (I can't believe he's almost 6 1/2 years old!!

Playing in the pool with Ethan and Grandpa.


Amy R. said...

Looks like fun! We went to Chicago this past weekend for our babymoon. We met the grandparents and great grandparents there and took Alex to the Shedd's Aquarium. I fit right in with all the other pregnant moms. Guess that's what happens when you visit a kid friendly place.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what we are planning to do before our little one comes :) How funny! I'm glad you talked about the hotel because it sounds great. Could you send me the info sometime?

Thanks a bunch! Glad you had a great weekend.