Sunday, February 11, 2007

Prayer Request

10 days into testing my blood sugar, I am struggling.

I am struggling to get enough blood out of my tiny little fingers, so I am wasting a lot of strips and poking myself many times. It appears as though I already have some scar tissue on my finger tips.

Out of the 40 times I've tested over the last 10 days, I've only gone over 3 times. Every time has been in the morning. 1 time was when I didn't do the math right with the number of carbohydrates. The other 2 times, yesterday and this morning, I have been under my allowed carbohydrates and still gone over after 1 hour. I cannot figure it out!! I can't eat eggs, bacon, and sausage EVERY DAY just to be under. It's not healthy. If I eat even less, I'm starving!!

Please pray for my peace of mind. I'm getting really frustrated.


Michelle McCallum said...

I was thinking of you just this evening while making dinner and I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I am sorry that what you're going through is so frustrating. At least you don't have to do it for too much longer.

On another note, I would really love to be able to provide a meal or something when Sarah is born. So please drop me an email and let me know what your needs are. I am finally starting to feel better with this pregnancy and I would love to be able to help you guys out. Just let me know what I can do!

Shoemaker Family said...

Praying for you today, friend.

Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

Praying that this week is not as frustrating as the past 10 days!

Stephen & Michelle said...

One thing that I have learned with these last two pregnancies...there is no such thing as an "easy" pregnancy. I don't know of one person that has gone through an entire 9 months without some type of issue, problem, or complication. Some things are worse for me having to go on bedrest for both pregnancies or you having to mess with your blood sugar, or another friend I know that has been throwing up for 8 months now, and others who struggle with like 20 hours of labor. The complications seem endless and overwhelming to me at times.

We can do it!!! It will all be worth it when we see their beautiful face and realize the great miracle that God has given to us. Thanks for encouraging me...