Saturday, February 03, 2007

Disappointment Strikes Again

Yesterday we had a snow day. A real one. We got a few inches. It was helpful and annoying. Bobby and I left our house at 8 am to go to my 30 week dr.'s appointment (8:45 am). What normally takes about 25 minutes took us 1 hour and 10 minutes because people were driving sooooooooo slowly. It was okay though because we actually still got there a few minutes before my midwife (it took her 1 hour to go what it usually takes her 10 minutes), and since I didn't have school, I didn't have to worry about rushing back by 10:20 when I start teaching on Fridays. (I have my long planning period in the morning and then teach, teach, teach.)
Here's where the disappointment sets in. My midwife notices in my chart my 3 hour glucose test. I FAILED!!! Yep, you read correctly. I failed. Someone dropped the ball and forgot to call me. Almost 2 weeks later!!!
So, what does this mean? It means that I am now on 175 carbs per day and checking my sugar level 4 times per day until Sarah decides to arrive. I was extremely upset, to say the least. Mostly because the didn't call me sooner, and then also because I am having to give up a lot of the bread and sweets I love.
The one blessing is that it is perfect timing. My mom was here from Wednesday night till just a few minutes ago (3:30 pm), and she was extremely helpful in helping me come up with food choices, etc. If I'd been on my own I would be eating all meat and really suffering; not eating all the carbs I should, trying to limit myself more than I need to. (My mom had to do all this for my sister when she was pregnant with my nephew Dylan 7 years ago.)
So far, I have tested myself after dinner last night, before breakfast, after breakfast, and after lunch. I have been below the levels my midwife told me to stay under every time, and only over on 1 of the level the diabetic nurse told me. (Her levels are a bit lower than what the doctor said.) I am very proud of myself!! If I stay under all weekend, I won't have to go back to the doctor for 2 weeks instead of 1.
The most satisfying part of today was lunch. My mom and I went to Red Lobster. I got crab legs, half a potato, a salad with a minute amount of salad dressing, and half a biscuit. It was sooooooooo good!! I love crab legs!!! And they have 0 carbs. I was so full and satisfied. I also ended up being way under the diabetic nurses number and the midwife's sugar level. Even though I won't be able to eat Panera bagels at church for a couple months, I am able to find other satisfying items to eat.
Please keep me (and Bobby) in your prayers as I work hard to stay on this diet.

My mom and I also picked up a great double/tandem stroller at Once Upon a Child for $65. I will post pictures of it later. Even though Sarah has plenty of beautiful hand-me-downs from Bekah, I got an outfit for Sarah to wear home and for pictures to be taken at the hospital. I wanted something new to her for those two events.


Deven said...

Very, very sorry about about the GD. How disappointing! Hopefully the time will pass quickly and you'll be back to your fav foods before you know it. :)

Shoemaker Family said...

Hang in there. You can do it - as tough as it will be. It's all for the health of Sarah...remind yourself of that when a craving comes along.