Sunday, February 04, 2007

Typical Bekah, and Paula & Bobby Updates

Look at my new boots!!! I'm going to dance around in them!!

Getting ready to go outside, and testing her old infant carseat, making sure it's going to be comfy for Sarah.

Bekah and Mommy hanging out. Bekah and Mommy playing with the Dora ball in the hallway. Notice that Bekah has her new boots on. She took her pajamas off by herself to put these on.

Bekah and Daddy playing out in the snow!!
Paula Updates:

Things are going well with testing my glucose level. I was over this morning by a bit, but only because I miscalculated the carbs, not because I cheated.
Today and tonight, I had a feast, probably more than I would normally, and was still under my carbs just because of what I chose to eat.
Thank you to all that are praying for me. I'm doing well right now, but it is only the 2nd full day of doing this. I could have 9 more weeks of this if Sarah decides to stay in longer than Bekah.

Bobby Updates:

Starts classes this week. He is taking Greek on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Speech Online. (don't ask me how that works!!!) Bobby is still enjoying his job as supervisor at UPS. His guys have been doing really well. He's going to take them some Vault again tomorrow to show his appreciation. Bobby has been looking at pictures of Bekah from when she was a baby recently, and he is getting really excited about Sarah coming soon.

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