Friday, April 03, 2009

Silly Sarah Part 2

Yesterday, we went to the park to play on the playground. It is a park that is reasonably close to my sister's house. We used to walk there. We drive now. I just can't keep up with them for that long of a distance.

I put Sarah up on an area where she was pretending to drive. Because it was pretty high up and the only way down is a way Sarah can't do yet, I stood pretty close watching her. There were a lot of other kids there. (it was a nice day) Two bigger kids (probably Bekah's age) came towards me, eying the route down. They decided to go through a tunnel instead. Meanwhile, Miss Sarah saw them near me and starting saying, "That's my mommy! That's my mommy!" Even after they were gone, she shook her hand in their direction and repeated, "That's my mommy!!" Such a silly girl!!

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