Friday, April 03, 2009

COSI with Grandma, March 6th

Old town where they could play old "video games" and ride old rides.

Pretending to do their own TV broadcast.

Attempt at a group picture.

On March 6th, my mom and I took the kiddos to COSI. Dylan didn't have school, and my mom knows how stressful it is to have all 4 kids at home all day, so she took the day off and we took the kiddos to do something fun. It about killed me!! So much walking and tending to children. At the beginning, my mom took Dylan (8 years old) to do some stuff by himself and I watched the other 3 for an hour by myself in the toddler room. It is huge! I never knew where all 3 of them were at once. It was probably the part that made me the most tired.

We got there around 10 am and left around 2 pm. I was exhausted that night!! Because of how tiring it was for me, I only took a few pictures there.
Even though it was tiring for me, it was really fun for the kids, and was much better than refereeing at home all day. They tend to get REALLY rambunctious when they're together for a long period of time.

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