Monday, April 27, 2009

Bekah's new "past time" and Sarah's first ear infection

Bekah has a new love. Baseball. It is soooo cute!! A couple weeks ago, she announced she wanted to be a basketball player, a baseball player, and a cheerleader. My mom found this cute pink and black bat and pink ball and she started using it the other night. The first ball that Bobby pitched to her she hit!! It is really cute to watch.
Sarah got her first ear infection. Bekah still has never had one. Sarah had a bit of a runny nose a few weeks ago when she was getting her 2 year molars. It seemed to go away, and then came back with a bang. I took her to the doctor today thinking that she had a sinus infection. (She wasn't pulling on her ears or anything) But it ended up being an ear infection. She was a trooper taking her medicine when we got home this evening.

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