Friday, March 27, 2009

Things Sarah's been doing/saying Part 1

It's amazing to think that our "baby" is already 2 years old. It just feels like yesterday that I went from 7 cm to 10 cm in 15 minutes and didn't had time for an epidural, the doctor didn't make it into the room before she "pushed herself out" cause I couldn't hold her back any more, and we were shocked to find out she was 2 whole pounds heavier than Bekah, despite only being in utero 1 week longer. Time flies, and soon we're going to have another baby. I am 33 weeks today and so ready to deliver this baby!!

A couple things Silly Sarah has been doing lately...

1) I recently read that Sarah should be forming 3 word sentences pretty regularly. The other day, after we finished in the bathroom, I told her I had to go potty now. This is EXACTLY how she replied to me. "I'll shut the door for you." 6 words. This is a pretty normal experience. Yesterday she said something that was 7 words used correctly, but I was so tired yesterday that I can't remember what it is. It's nice to see that her very talkative sister is not keeping her from speaking her mind too.

2) Yesterday my mom was trying to show Sarah how a slinky goes down the stairs. It isn't a very high quality slinky, so my mom was having trouble. Sarah looked at my mom and said in a slightly dissappointed voice with a scowel on her face, "I'll come back." We laughed for a while about that one!! She is such a ham!!

3) She has been telling us lately she has to go potty but then doesn't want to actually sit on the potty. Yesterday, for the first time, she told me she had to go potty, we went in and she actually sat and went. She has told us before she pooped before, but not peep. I don't think she'll be completely trained before Leah comes, but something is better than nothing. (This is after she told me twice at Bob Evans where we were for lunch that she had to go, but only would attempt to sit and go once.)

There are many other things to share, but I have run out of time. Stay tuned.....

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