Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sarah's 1 year stats, and her birthday cake

The cake that Bobby decorated. I made the cake and started to decorate, and he took over. Ever since Bekah's first birthday where we made a Nemo cake (and I had the stomach flu and couldn't get off the kitchen floor to decorate it), Bobby thinks he should just do it. :~)

Weight- 21 lbs. 12 oz. (with diaper, onesie, and socks on) ; almost 2 full pounds heavier than Bekah was. Bekah starting moving around a lot earlier, so she only gained 5 oz. between her 9 month and 1 year appointment.
Height- 29 inches (1/2 inch shorter than Bekah)
Head- 18 inches (no idea about Bekah's head)

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Heather and Scott Karl said...

I love the Elmo cake! Great decorating Bobby!

I like the visual changes to your blog..such as the family picture on the right hand side.