Monday, April 21, 2008

Never Again/Bad Night.....and a Prayer Request

My sister and her family came this weekend to help us start purging items to get ready to move. It was great to have them here. The only problem is that Bekah's sleep pattern was affected. She went to bed a good 2 hours later than usual, and then still got up around the same time. This all resulted in Bekah falling asleep on the way home from lunch yesterday. She slept till 5 pm. Later that night, we tried to put her down around 10 pm. We all (except for Sarah) didn't end up getting to sleep until almost 1 am, and she ended up sleeping with us. She was screaming and yelling, not wanting to go to sleep. This is why we don't let her take long naps, but on this occasion, she was extremely grumpy and needed to sleep. Needless to say, we are very tired this morning, and I am worried about this happening again tonight. Please say a prayer for patience tonight as we really need our sleep.

P.S. There is a church in Ohio we are waiting to hear from whether or not Bobby can go and volunteer this summer. This will help determine his ability to be able to transfer to Columbus with UPS. I have already resigned at my school, so it is very important that this goes through. The church board meets on Thursday to decide.


Shoemaker Family said...

So, how was your night last night???

Carmine said...

Wait... did I miss something? I didn't know you were moving!