Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Time and Stubborn

First Time-

Bekah got up while we were still sleeping and took herself to the potty!!!! Yeah Bekah!! She was dry too!! She usually is dry, but every once-in-a-while her pull-up is wet. I know she's a little old to be having these victories, but Bekah has taken a lot longer to potty train than we ever imagined.


Sarah will pull herself up on everything and take a few steps around furniture, but that's it. If you put her behind her walker, she takes a few steps with stiff legs and then bends over and starts crawling. I can't remember if Bekah was full out walking at 13 months, but she was definitely walking circles around furniture and walking behind her walker. In her own time.

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Stephen & Michelle said...

I am right there with you on the walking thing :) Damaris is pretty stiff too when we walk holding her hands...At this point I don't see her realistically walking in the next several months...I was hoping she would be walking by summer, which I don't see...but who knows, maybe something will just click and she will take off??

It is hard waiting for their "own time" isn't it?!? I think other people make me more anxious than myself...probably because people ask ALL THE TIME if she is walking, so then it is easy for me to think that something is wrong and start getting impatient...maybe because deep down I feel like I am a bad mother when I tell people she isn't walking??? I know, it is dumb...and I shouldn't let it bother me, but maybe because I have already gone through it once with Titus (he was over 15 months) so I just don't feel like dealing with it again...but I guess I didn't learn the first time around so God decided to give me another shot :) :) :)

Have a great day!!

Michelle :)