Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Break.... in a nutshell

Last Saturday: We went to Ohio to have Sarah's b-day party, you've seen those pictures

Last Sunday: In the afternoon, we went to the butterfly place (it's name escapes me right now), you've seen those pictures

Monday: We packed up and headed home in time to drop Bobby off at UPS in Lexington. We had left his car there Friday night.

Tuesday: Mom grocery shopping in the morning, Sarah's doctor's appointment in the afternoon (Bobby and Bekah played in the gym at ATS while I took Sarah to her appointment)

Wednesday: Morning at home playing etc, Sarah's pictures at JcPenney at 2:00 pm. After pictures, we played in the play area, did a bit of shopping and got a snack, Auntie Ann's pretzels and cookies from Starbucks. (yummy!!)

Thursday: Bobby and Paula eye appointments in the morning, playing at home in the afternoon.

Friday: Take Bobby's car to the shop (where we later found out the guy cannot get the check engine light to go off, we will have to take it to a dealer), go to the eye place to get fitted, etc for our new lenses. Play at home.

Saturday: We were hoping to go to Natural Bridge state park, but it's been raining A LOT and the trails were VERY muddy, so we ventured into Lexington to a place called McConnell Springs Nature Reserve. They have paved paths, several springs and some picnic tables. We had a nice time. After that, we came home and played outside, etc. We had a nice break together. (Mom went to the grocery store for this next week) Later we went out to a Mexican restaurant we like for dinner. Good prices! The three of us (Sarah ate some of ours and stuff we brought) for 21 dollars including tip.

Sunday: Church, relaxing, playing out before lunch, lunch, relaxing, playing outside, going for a walk or bike ride, etc. It's supposed to be 70 degrees today. Yeah!!

The pictures below are from our time at the nature place yesterday.

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