Monday, March 31, 2008

A week of Firsts for Sarah

1) Monday- Sarah turned one and had her first taste of chocolate cake

2) Middle of the week- Sarah walked for the first time with the walker

3) Friday- Sarah pulled herself up on the couch for the first time (she has been pushing herself standing to her feet for a couple weeks)

4) Saturday- Sarah went up a few stairs at my parents' house (we don't have stairs) and then went up two flights of stairs (7 each, one flight of carpeted stairs, one flight of hardwood) completely at my sister and brother-in-law's house.

5) Sunday- Sarah fell down a full flight of stairs (carpeted, 15 or so) from the first floor of my parents' house to the basement. She thought that she could go down the same way she goes up. She heard the kids playing down stairs and wanted to get down there. The kids (Dylan, Ethan, and Bekah) started screaming when she fell and she just lay at the bottom on her belly crying. She's fine except for a small bruis on her right cheek.

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