Monday, August 06, 2007

Under the Weather

It all started around 2:30 am Sunday morning. We were up in Indiana at Bobby's parents' house. I threw up 5 times between 2:30 and 8 am. Most of the day, because no one else was sick, we thought it was something I ate at McDonald's the day before.
I laid around most of the day, and against the counsel of my mom, we started to head home around 7:30 pm last night. I just wanted to be home. We stopped about halfway through for me to be sick on the side of the road. After this, Bekah proceeded to throw up 4 times while in the car. We decided it's not food poisoning, but a bug.
So far, Bobby and Sarah are fine. I am feeling better, but am still not keeping much in. Say a prayer for our family. Bekah got a bug last summer and got really dehydrated because of it and had to go to the emergency room to get an IV. We are hoping we can shake this soon without a trip to the hospital and without the other 2 getting sick.


Deven said...

Yuck. What worked for Katy and I was ice chips. We had to space them out so we wouldn't keep throwing up, but it kept us from getting dehydrated. That and bits of Pedialyte for her. Good luck!

Amanda said...

:( I hope you girls feel better soon!