Friday, August 10, 2007

Fun Around the House

A couple new toys in the Fannin household this week. First, the bumbo, which I've already showed you, but Bobby has found a new use for it. Introducing Pharaoh Bumbo.
Second, I wanted to show you how much Sarah likes Bekah's "Cars" cars also. I gave her two other toys besides Lightning McQueen to play with, and within 20 seconds the other two toys were on the floor and she was pushing the car around.Bobby was laying on the floor talking to Sarah this afternoon after we got home from working in my classroom again, and this is how Bekah decided to sit on him while she watched something on TV.Last, but not least, I won a Baby Bjorn on ebay the other day, and it came today. Yeah!! We have a snugli from Bekah, but is so hard to use by yourself. Also, the legs area is getting snug on Sarah. The Bjorn is amazing!! I think I still need to adjust it a bit so Sarah sits a bit lower, but she is doing so great holding her head that I don't think it'll matter if I don't. Both my girls have such long middles, so even though it's at the correct setting for her height, it might need to be longer to hold her a bit lower.

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