Thursday, August 23, 2007

Severe Lack of Adult Conversation

Now that I am back at school full time, I hardly ever have any adult conversation. This is how my day goes:

6:30 am- wake up, shower, eat breakfast, watch the news (sometimes Sarah gets back up or up around 7 am, so I play with her while eating and watching the news)

7:30 am- wake Bobby up so I can dry my hair, get dressed, put on my makeup, etc. He deals with Sarah while making my lunch.

7:50-8:00 am- leave for school (reminding Bobby of things that need to be done that day while I walk out the door)

8:10-9:00 am- get my room ready, check my mailbox, drop my lunch off in the family/consumer science room and say hi to Laura, the teacher.

9:00-10:40-teach 2 7th grade classes (theory and chorus)

10:45-11:05- short break where I check e-mail, go to the potty, eat my snack, while rarely seeing another teacher (because I am an arts teacher and my room, along with all the other arts teachers, in not located in a pod)

11:05-1:15- teach 2 6th grade classes (theory and chorus) and take my 6th grade theory class to lunch. (11:30ish-11:50 eat in media center with a few other arts teachers who have alternating lunch periods so we actually only eat together about 12 minutes, most of the time we are eating, not talking)

1:15-1:50 pm- another short planning where I work in my room and rarely talk to anyone. There isn't enough time to get anything done let alone chit chat.

1:55-3:30 pm- teach 2 8th grade classes (theory and chorus)

3:30-3:45 pm- wrap up in my room, get my boards ready for tomorrow or check e-mail.

4:00- when the girls decide to go to bed- feed, change diapers, clean up pee, read books, play, etc with an almost 5 month old and an almost 3 year old.

Sometimes my mom or dad or sister will call, or I'll call them, but because of taking care of the girls by myself while Bobby is going to work, the calls are short.

I miss talking to my friends everyday. I had Jean at school and I saw her several times per day, then she took the year off to do her masters, and now she's teaching at a different school, still in the district, but a different school. And it's much harder for me to do stuff with her because of the two girls.
Then, when Jean was doing her masters, God provided an amazing friend, Amy, at my school. She was teaching 8th grade science, so we didn't have much time together, but we're tried to talk every morning, and sometimes she would hang out at my house after school if we had an event in the evening. Now Matt and Amy have moved to Minnesota, and I really miss her. I am really looking forward to going and seeing them for a few days in October on our fall break, but it is still 7 weeks away!!
I am craving adult conversation!! But after my girlies have gone to bed so I don't have to feel like a bad mom for not playing with them for the 3-5 hours I have with them every week day.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Deven said...

I feel your pain. Being part time, I have no prep at school, so the 20 min lunch is my adult time during the day. I do get more adult time outside of school, so I'm not quite in the straights that you are, but I spend so much time working on masters stuff that I feel like I don't have friends. :( We'll just have to encourage each other this year and hope next year is different.

Anonymous said...

OK- We need to hang out! We need to plan a night after our kids go to bed (when my hubby is home) and I can come and visit you with Grace. What do you think?

Stephen and Michelle said...

I can kind of relate...only mine is the opposite problem - too much adult time and not enough time with my kids (or husband for that matter)! (I leave the house shortly after 7 and don't get home from work until after 5, and Titus goes to bed by 7:30!!). Either way, working and having little kids is hard!!

Amanda at Double Stitching said...

Aww, we miss you too and can't wait to see you this fall! Michael felt the same way when he was teaching - he said he would give anything to have a conversation with someone who was older than 18. It will be a fun time at Homecoming,'s coming fast!