Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Last Post of the Night..... My Classroom

Today the whole family joined me in my classroom to help get ready for next week. They have changed our schedule for the 3rd time in three years. Last year I taught three music theory classes (6th, 7th, and 8th), had my planning/lunch, then taught three choirs (6th, 7th, 8th). I taught theory in one room and then chorus in my "primary" room.
This year, I will be teaching a theory class, then a choir, have a planning, teach a theory, then a choir, then a planning, and finally teach a theory class, then a choir.
Instead of running back and forth between both rooms, I am rearranging my room so that I can have both classes in the same room. I have flipped the risers around to face the small white board, and I will put desks behind the risers facing the bigger white boards for the theory classes. I am excited to teach with this setup. I am still not ready to go back next week, but I'm getting excited about the classroom setup.


Gene and Annie said...

Looks good so far and I bet that will be nice to have all your classes in one room! Which class do you like teaching better? Choir or theory? Are you following a predetermined plan set out by the school system or do you have to come up with your own plan? Just wondering?

Amanda said...

Looks great, I like it! I'm sure it will be nice to stay in one room. Running between the Jr?Sr High and 2 elementary schools was such a pain for Michael - especially since of the elementaries tended to take his room out from under him when they needed it for a "special event." It's kind of weird that Michael is bringing HOME all his stuff instead of setting up his room now!! But he's happy.