Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bumbo Chair

I've been trying to convince Bobby for several weeks that we needed one of these. Last week, Bekah had a play date and I had his mom bring their bumbo chair for his younger sister. Sarah sat in it for awhile while they were here and really enjoyed it. Two days later, these words come out of Bobby's mouth, "We need a Bumbo!!!" I ordered it from ebaby right away. It can today.. Here is Sarah enjoying herself in it. She loves being able to see the world, and we don't have to be right there with her on the floor with Bekah.FYI: Here is a picture of Bekah with her play date Patrick. He is exactly 2 months older than Bekah, and his sister Amelia is 2 months and 3 days older than Sarah. They are supposed to move somewhere, but if they stay, the kids with be great playmates for a while.

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Gene and Annie said...

I have a similar thing called a BeBe Pod and I like it too! It is really useful when they don't sit up yet but want to sit up! Plus, it is just one more convienent place to put them down if you need to!