Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still Alive

Busy, busy, busy!!

I have officially stopped nursing but am still pumping and feeding. Since Sarah is nearly 12 weeks old, I have decided to stop putting myself through the agony of trying to nurse her. After a few days of exclusively nursing her, I am bitten, bleeding, cracked, and she has passed me her thrush. I heal, get over the infection, and a few days later, the same thing has happened. Second children are supposed to be easier!! Bekah never did this to me. I have decided it's not worth the heartache and physical pain. I think she's getting too old to correct her latch on, and she seems to get so much more and stays happier longer when I pump and feed. As of right now, my plan is to continue doing this until the end of July when I will start to wean in order to be done by the time school starts in early July. I have TONS frozen in the freezer, so she will get more BM for at least a couple weeks past weaning.
(Correction: Early AUGUST!!)

The last few days have been busy, but I will post pictures soon of when my mom and I took Bekah and Sarah to the zoo on Saturday while my dad and Bobby went out on the sailboat.


Deven said...

Way to go on sticking it out as long as you have. Nursing is a lot of work, and it's terrible when it's not going well. You can only do what you can and save your sanity after that. I honestly preferred pumping with Katy, but I am going to stick with nursing at least a little while longer... We'll see about when school rolls around.

Stephen & Michelle said...

Funny, Deven, because I HATE pumping but of course have no choice working 40 hours a week. I have already started counting down the months I have left :)

Paula, every time I read about you pumping for her for this long I am amazed...way to go!! I am not sure I could do it...

Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

Been there done that...... I have had similar problems with my kids and nuring, with Grace being the worst!! (bleeding, mastatis, thrush twice and so on..) I have also gotten thrush with both the boys too which wasn't fun!! OH, the things we go through for our children!! I am not a big fan of pumping because it seems to take so long but congrats to you for keeping it up!! You have done all that you can which is wonderful!!

Amy R. said...

I also hate pumping but have found myself doing it quite a bit for Colin. He only nurses well for his nighttime feedings. Other than that, he's also much happier and content longer when he's had a BM bottle. I'm bummed because I was hoping to nurse him longer since I'm home more than with Alex, but needless to say I'm pumping away.