Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Out of Town

I am currently at my parents house in Ohio. Bobby is taking a 2 week intensive class that would leave at home by myself most of the day, and then he would go to work in the evenings. Because of this, I headed North with the girls for 2 weeks.
The trip here on Monday afternoon was okay. Sarah slept most of the way, and Bekah watched a movie then fell asleep. The only time I had to stop was to get Bekah's finger out of her hair because it was turning black!! (She twists her hair when she's tired)
We all miss Daddy, but it is nice to have help in the evenings, and next week I will have help during the day when my brother-in-law Rich is out of school and we will do stuff together with all the kids.
Sarah was extremely nice to me last night. She went to bed at 9:30 (Bekah at 9 because she played with her cousins all afternoon and didn't take a nap). I got in bed around 11, woke up at 2 to use the restroom, but then didn't wake up till 5:30 when I discovered I really needed to pump!!
Sarah woke up around 6, but my dad held her upstairs in their bed so I could finish pumping. What a wonderful night's sleep. I miss Bobby, but we usually never get in bed before 12 or 12:30 because he doesn't get home from work till 10:45 or 11. Because of this, we almost always only get 6 hours of sleep that are interrupted. Last night I got almost 7 with only a short pit stop :~) Such blessings!!
I will be blogging from my parents for the next 2 weeks, and when I have a chance, updated them with a few pictures.

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