Monday, June 18, 2007

5 years

Friday was our 5 year anniversary. I was still at my parents' house, and Bobby had to work as usual. Bobby drove towards my parents' house that night, but had to stop and sleep at a rest stop for 3 hours before he continued on. He arrived at my parents' house at 5 am.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the pool with my sister and her boys.

Saturday night, my sister and her hubby babysat while Bobby and I went out to dinner.

We went to The Columbus Fish Market. It was wonderful. I had shrimp, Bobby had Tilapia. We both had the house salad, and we shared Key Lime Pie. It was really nice to get out together by ourselves. It was the first time since Sarah was born.

5 years is celebrated with wood. Bobby made me a new, HUGE shoe rack for my kitchen and a bought me a wooden rack/container for my bills. I purchased Bobby a walking stick, a necklace from Hawaii with a wooden canoe paddle on it, and a small wooden pen that attaches to his keys. (He is always taking pens to work and leaving them there) I will post pictures of the items when I get a chance.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Shoemaker Family said...

So in love.... :)