Monday, June 18, 2007

12 weeks old and nearly 3 months

Sarah grew soooo much over the last 2 weeks. She doesn't official turn 3 months until Sunday, but she is quickly growing out of her 0-3 month clothes. She can still wear outfits if they are 2 separate pieces, but if they are only one piece, she has moved to the 3-6 month sizes.

She is interacting so much with everyone around her. Looking around, aware of EVERYTHING!! She recognizing her sister, parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousins when they talk to her and give them big smiles. She tries so hard to communicate also. Talking up a storm. She is so fun.

While at my parents, she got on a really good schedule. Eat, play, approximately 1.5 hours after eating, nap. Except for a couple nights of the 2 weeks where she got up at 4 am, she consistently slept from approximately 10 pm- 6 am. It was wonderful!!

My parents helped me so much!! I wouldn't have made it without them!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Now that we home as of 3:30 pm, she was very fussy and clingy again. She went to bed well, but after several clingy hours.


Heather and Scott Karl said...

I remember Sally from IWU. Was she an Education major?


Shoemaker Family said...

Wow...she is growing like a weed! What a doll!!

Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

Happy 5th anniversary!! Seems like such a milestone to me.... Ours is this August!! I remember Sally too, in fact she might have been on my floor one year?? (or at least friends with people on my floor)(Reed 1st floor, my freshmen year) Sarah is such a cutie!! What a great smile she has in that first picture!!