Friday, December 12, 2008

Pregnancy Prayer Update

I went to the doctor on Wednesday, and we decided that I may have pulled something in my hip carrying Bekah around when she had her broken leg, and now that this baby is sitting very low in my pelvis, it is aggravating me even more.
She sent me to a physical therapy office last night for some PT. The lady I worked with is the lady that runs the place. She was very helpful, but I came to the realization that I will probably have to deal with some level of pain for a while. We decided that I have forgotten how to properly lift, I use the tops of my legs and my pelvic muscles instead of my thighs and abs, and therefore have developed some tendinitis in my hip.
She gave me some exercises to do at home, and I will be going back 4-5 more times over the next 2 month (at $30 a pop), but she informed me that since I am pregnant, everything is loose, and I will not be truly healed until 3 months after I stop nursing. Because of financial reasons, I am planning on nursing for the whole first 12 months, if the baby cooperates, so this means that will more be back to full strength in my hip until August 2010. This is rather discouraging for me.
Please pray that I am able to do the exercises properly as well as remember how to lift things properly (as small as a gallon of milk,) so that the pain is not debilitating. This surprise pregnancy was going so well, and now all I can think about is how I wouldn't be in pain if birth control was 100% affective. :) We'll get through this!!

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kristenlkolb said...

Paula, So sorry about your pain! I had sciatic nerve pain with Jackson that kept me limping. Pain is no fun! Especially when you are already tired and have two kids to keep up with! Hope things get better. Certainly even if you won't have gained full strength until after nursing you will gradually be getting stronger and better!