Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fun Kid Craft from site, Flip Flops and Applesauce

Several months ago, I stumbled upon this site, I think through Michelle McCallum's blog.
The site is called Flip Flops and Applesauce, and it is FULL of wonderful ideas for crafts to do with your kids. I have done a couple with my kids and nephews, but the latest one was a Paper Cornucopia of Thanks.

The kiddos and I had a really good time making these. We actually made 4 of them. 1 of them went with Ethan to my sister's in-laws, 1 went with us to Atlanta (unfolded and re-taped there), 1 of them was made for Sarah to be able to crumple a bit when she held it, and I made a BIG one for my mom.

If you would like to make one of these next year, click on the link above on Paper Cornucopia of Thanks for the instructions.


Chrissie said...

Yay, those turned out so cute.
I'm so glad you guys had fun!

Michelle M. said...

I'm glad you enjoy that site, too! There was some other craft on there recently that I want to try when we get back home from my parents' house.